Ever since I was first learning as a young girl, I’ve always valued the skill and privilege of being able to read and write. Like most others, I was taught how to read and write mostly from my parents. I feel very fortunate to have parents who care about me enough to devote so much of their time into helping me as much as they have. My parents also raised me with the mentality that the opportunity for literacy is precious. Because of how they taught me, I have never failed to consider it as such. To think there is such an easy way in the world to share information that could expand our minds and even completely alter our way of thinking entirely within a short period of time never ceases to amaze me. I also deeply enjoy the way it can open the doors to teachers whom I would have never had the opportunity to learn from in this lifetime. There are countless stories from people with all kinds of different experiences from all across the world and in some cases, even from different periods of time. I firmly believe it’s the exposure to other ways of life and other experiences that help you to grow as a person. Reading and writing have often times been a way of escape and peace for me, like I’m sure it can be for many other people. This escape was especially helpful in my early childhood while I was surrounded by so much chaos in my life. Because my life tends to seemingly be in a state of chaos, I tend to gravitate towards books of a more lighthearted nature. Romance stories continue to be my favorite kind of story to read but I try my best to keep my mind open and remember to try new things.

Of course, like anything in this world it’s nearly impossible for my current experience with literacy to be completely free of flaws. While I have a deep love of reading and writing, lately I’ve found myself in a continuous case of “writer’s block”. If you don’t know what that is, congratulations, I am so incredibly jealous. See, earlier on in life I was much more confident in my writing ability. By going through my storage area containing my childhood belongings, I’m absolutely positive it wouldn’t be hard to find multiple notebooks full cover to cover in stories I once created in hopes of someday sharing with the world. I’m not sure what happened in the past few years to have changed this, but I’ve fallen into a bit of a writing slump. Even something as small as a blog post has taken me much longer than it should have because I can’t seem to shake my feelings of uncertainty. This situation I find myself in happens to be something I am hoping will begin to change over the course of this English 2010 class. Writing has gone from being one of my greatest passions to something I dread doing. I’m hoping that by taking this class, I’m going to be much more comfortable in my writing abilities and I can get back doing what I love.

book on face


2 thoughts on “My Experience with Literacy

  1. I’m kind of in the same boat! I used to actually consider being a writer and now it just isn’t something I look forward to… I think it may be the fact that it sometimes gets forced upon you in unappealing ways throughout junior high and high school.


  2. First of all, I love that you add cute pictures in your blog posts! I love and agree with that you said about literacy being precious because we really are so fortunate to have the opportunity to learn how to read and write.


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