Who are you to others? How did you come to be that way? Personally, I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, and most recently, I am a pledge. These titles have been given to me by the wonderful few groups of people I am lucky to say are part of my life. Depending on the community, we communicate in many contrasting ways whether it be in the way we speak to one another, or interact across numerous platforms.

I was born into an eccentric family of four. Seven, if you count our precious fur babies. My mother is a self identifying witch with a passion for wine, the written word, and all things unicorn related. My father is a lover of music, whether it be “retro” or one of today’s hits, and is a self proclaimed “tech geek” who has been a stay at home parent for most of my life. To describe my brother as a fiercely introverted shut-in would simply be an understatement. He spends most of his days locked in his room, consuming one game after the next. Given our descriptions, many people may not put the four of us together, but that’s what makes us special. We’re all different in our own ways but similar through mutual love and respect for one another. Because of our differences, we do sometimes don’t see eye to eye which can cause problems, but we come out stronger after by rising above our differences. All in all, while I may not have chosen to be a member of this group, if given the choice, I’d pick them every time.

By growing up in Hawai’i, you develop friendships differently than most. It can make even the most unlikely groups of friends close, and help to form bonds not easily broken. That’s what happens when you live on the one of the most isolated pieces of land on the planet. This has shaped the friendgroup I have back home, so even though I’m almost 3,000 miles away, we are all still close. Messages through the use of technology became an important part of our means of staying together. To have any kind long distance relationship, whether it be romantic or purely platonic, communication is essential. This can actually be said about any relationship, long-distance or otherwise. At times, due to either scheduling issues or just a lack of free time, we can lack in communication which can cause problems, but I remain hopeful. I did meet all of my friends back home through our shared environment, but unlike my family, I have personally chosen to include each and every one of them to be in my life and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

My seeminly most “relevant” community that I am a part of at the moment would be the sorority I am currently pledging to. At the moment, I am in a group of twelve pledges total and there are over fifteen active members and thirty alumni. We constantly take part in activities with one another, so consistent messaging between members to be expected. We meet in person on many days of the week and also choose to communicate VIA instant messaging. I believe it’s because I’m so far from my usual support system that I felt the need to reach out to become a part of this community. I feel as though this may be an interesting group to report on because it’s my impression that many people have a misconception about women in sororities and I would love to show the reality of what it’s like being in a “sisterhood”. This may be my most practical group to observe and report on because as it is, it’s one of the only significant groups which I am both a part of, and can meet with in person to observe multiple types of communication, rather than just over text. I could observe them through meetings in person, across social media, and through instant messenger. It’s something I feel like I can be passionate about while writing, that’s for sure!

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