“Sisterhood. It’s the kind of bond that will last a lifetime.” If you were to talk to not only the members from my particular sorority, but all members of “Greek” groups, regarding why they became a part of their community, family-esque bonding is a continuous theme. Thursday evening, I was given the opportunity to interview a fellow pledge sister, who will be referred to as “Reed”,  concerning her views on our shared discourse community, Tau Psi Beta sorority. While many of her answers were to be expected, I was surprised by some of her responses as well, given the information from this particular community.

For example, when asked for her reasoning behind joining Tau Psi Beta Sorority, Reed informs me of her personal desire to “be a part of something”. Tau Psi Beta was founded in 2013 with the specific intention of forming a deep connection with the community. The social aspect seems to be a common “pull-factor” for potential new members. Many see this as one of the best ways to become involved and active within the campus community. I expect this to be a reoccurring answer to that question in particular. It may be interesting to see if there are any discrepancies in the responses to that answer, so I will be keeping a close eye on it. It could be important for how I will be describing to the audience why exactly people join this community, so they may understand more about what this community means to its members.

Something I was fascinated to learn from Reed was her frustration about our pledge class’ “lack of communication”. I’m sure if you ask almost anyone about what their expectations are for a pledge experience, stress would certainly be one of the most prominent answers. For Reed’s pledge experience in particular, this issue with communication was the main contributing factor to that stress. I believe this issue specifically will be essential for my essay. If the goal is to discuss the discourse within members of a community, a flaw pertaining to said discourse would be crucial to analyze. The information gained may help to better understand the situation, and with that information, the community could possibly change which gives the chance to improve as a whole.

I have many more questions to ask members of Tau Psi Beta. I formed many of my questions with the type of person I could ask specifically in mind. I currently have interviews scheduled with the many leaders of this group, ranging from all levels of authority. I feel as though with the different levels of membership such as pledge, active, alumni, etc. It would be interesting to examine the different answers in relation to what level of power that member holds. It could help to have a deeper understanding of the class structure within this community, so I think they will be essential to ask in my piece of writing.

I am looking forward to interviewing the other sisters in Tau Psi Beta, and I hope it can help to display the diversity within my discourse community.

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