Have you ever struggled with writer’s block? I know I have. In fact, I have faced the ugly demon, writer’s block, on more than one occasion, as do many other people every year. Being surrounded by writers all of my life, I’ve always been fascinated about the phenomenon so many struggle with, but many don’t often talk about. It seems strange to me that something this threatening to the creative process can go this overlooked.

For this last essay, I would like to discuss the causes of writer’s block and the effects it has on the writing process. When I started my research, I almost instantaneously found a piece of writing that could aide me in my quest for knowledge on this topic. This article was found on a blog titled The Creative Penn for award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Joanna Penn. Her article, “The Ugly Truth About Writer’s Block (And It’s Cure)” gives lots of helpful information to make writer’s block easier to understand. An especially useful piece of information was Penn’s explanation on why writer’s block happens. She also uses a comparison to a bathroom sink as a metaphor to connect her audience in order to explain her ideas on it further.

Penn’s explanation of why writer’s block happens generated even more of my interest in this topic. My biggest light bulb moment came from reading in Penn’s article as she said, “…the truth is, if you have writer’s block, that means that you cannot follow your passion because some sort of psychological, emotional, or spiritual baggage is keeping you from the pursuit.” It got me to think about why exactly it is that this happens, and ways it can be prevented! I think this can be an extremely interesting topic, and I’m excited to learn more about it.

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