Staring at a blank computer screen, the cursor flashes, mocking me. My mind is blank. Flash-flash. Words escape me, and I tense to the faint sound of a ticking clock. What is this madness? It is writer’s block, and I am looking for a way to dig my way out with words, phrases, and complex sentences. This condition is something many writer’s will struggle with during their lifetime, though it is not commonly recognized. Some even doubt that the condition exists altogether. What exactly is this polarizing condition known as writer’s block? When faced with the issue, how can it be solved?

While conducting my research, I noticed a few common themes appearing across my topic. I noticed that while some could describe many times this condition occurred, there are few that believe the condition doesn’t in fact exist. I also found that for some, when facing writer’s block it helps to focus on something else, be it food, an aquarium, music, etc.while for others, they choose to power through it and write as much as they can without fear of being “good” or not. Due to this being a polarizing subject, I can sort almost anyone into categories depending on if they believe writer’s block is a real condition, or not. While more of my found sources believe in this concept strongly, the latter also presents an interesting perspective.

An interesting contrast that I found between these two groups was how they choose to work past writer’s block when they come across it, even if they may not always call it by name. For instance, I found a source who does not believe in writer’s block being a legitimate condition, but also gave advice on how to work past a temporary feeling of being stuck while writing. I could label the first group generally by saying they choose to temporarily focus on another subject be it eating, music, meditation, or the beach. The second can be categorized as people who just power through their condition, either by take it on piece by piece, or using a blitzkrieg type method where they simply write as much as they can and edit later on.



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